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Bruce Dickinson says Metal singers can Learn a lot with screaming babies

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Bruce Dickinson says Metal singers can Learn a lot with screaming babies

Bruce Dickinson said in a interview with BBC that metal vocalists can learn quite a few things from babies about protecting their voice after extended periods of screaming.


Read what he said:

“There’s a chapter [in my autobiography] about vocal technique and about how it all works, the voice works and things – just on a mechanical basis”.

“And I make the point that you can learn an awful lot from babies. I mean, the racquet that comes out of that tiny little thing. And it goes on forever – they don’t lose their voice, do they, ever?”

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“Babies have got no fear of just letting rip with all their diaphragm and everything. And they’ve got these tiny little lungs. My God, they make an amazing noise”.

“So you think about that, and you think when people say, ‘Oh, I can’t sing.’ Oh, yes, you can — you’ve just forgotten how to do it.”

Dickinson had also said that the first Iron Maiden album sounds like “shit”

A few days ago in a interview with the Irish Times, Iron Maiden’s frontman Bruce Dickinson revealed his views on the band’s first two albums.

Read what he said:

“Number Of The Beast was the album that really introduced the band to the world. The first two albums were very good, a success. In particular Killers is my favorite. The sound of that album is the sound that Iron Maiden’s first album should have.”

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