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Bruce Dickinson reveals the bands he loves and never had the chance to see live

Bruce Dickinson book of souls

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Bruce Dickinson reveals the bands he loves and never had the chance to see live

Iron Maiden’s singer Bruce Dickinson was interviewed by Kaaos TV about his new book “What Does This Button Do?”, and he also talked about bands he loves and never had the chance to see live.


Read what he said:

“Oh, yeah. Every single band, except one, who are my biggest influences I’ve never seen. Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Rainbow, Jethro Tull – never ever seen them.”

“I was at school. I was at boarding school. It was as simple as that. And they weren’t around. So I had to imagine what it was like. It was a bit like Marquis de Sade. Marquis de Sade, for all of his crazy pornographic writing never had sex except in his own mind. Because he was locked up in jail and he had to write down all these crazy fantasies on toiled paper.

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“This is truth! And the more they locked him up the more crazy his fantasies became. And in the end it becomes absurd. It’s ridiculous. And it was a little bit like that with music. I imagined all these people doing all these amazing things on stage in my head, because there were no videos.

“So there was no footage you could see of people very much. There was only like ‘Top of the Pops’ or something. And that was very rare, we were.

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“So I imagined everybody in a really sort of kinetic way. People ask me why I run around like I do on stage, and it’s because that’s how I imagined all my heroes run around the stage. And when I actually saw them, when they reunited, I was like ‘You mean they just stand there?’ [Laughs]”.

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