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Bruce Dickinson gives his opinion on DJs

Bruce Dickinson DJ

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Bruce Dickinson gives his opinion on DJs

Electronic music has existed for decades and has a huge amount of fans worldwide but many times the live shows are criticized by people who are used to seeing shows from other music genres. The main reason is because usually there is no one else on the stage besides the DJ with his electronic equipment. So a lot of people say they are actually not doing anything but pretending. In an interview with ATMósferas Magazine from Mexico (Translated by Blabbermouth), the Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson gave his opinion on DJs


Bruce Dickinson gives his opinion on DJs

“The music industry has done two things. On the one hand, if you’re an artist, it’s contracted, as in it’s shrunk in terms of the amount of money you get paid for your art. Unless you are some massive social media thing, or whatever it is. Or unless you’re a DJ who turns up with a memory stick and gets paid five times what a band gets paid and they have to split it eight ways.”

“He just turns up with his memory stick and pretends he’s doing something. (Then) goes away with a huge amount of money. So the world has gone on its ass from that perspective. And there’s not a lot that any one individual can do about that. You just have to work with the way the world is.”

He continued:

“I have no desire whatsoever to be a DJ. I’m a singer, I’m a musician, I have bands and people like that. They all have to make a living playing with me. So I do the best I can to make sure that everybody’s happy. Everybody’s making a living and we can go out and play great music. In terms of the way that records are sold — well, records, downloads, things like that. I think it’s a lose-lose situation for everybody,” Bruce Dickinson said.

During the same conversation he said that platforms like Spotify should raise the price of the subscription. Because by doing that they could pay the artists more. Another thing the musician criticized was the price of concert tickets nowadays, saying he would never pay a huge amount of money to see U2, for example.

Bruce Dickinson was born in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, England in 1958. He started his career in 1976 and first achieved fame as the vocalist of Samson. But things really changed after he became the vocalist of Iron Maiden in 1981. They became one of the best-selling bands of all time with an estimated amount of more than 100 million records sold worldwide.

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