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Brian May and Roger Taylor says they don’t have any contact with John Deacon

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Brian May and Roger Taylor says they don’t have any contact with John Deacon

Since the release of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, fans got used to constantly seeing Queen members Brian May and Roger Taylor. However, bassist John Deacon did not appear. He is out of the limelight since moving away from the band’s activities in 1998.


In a new interview for Mojo magazine, members of the group revealed that they have no contact with the former partner and they don’t even know if he watched Queen’s movie. “We have no contact with John. I wonder if any of his children could have seen it. Who knows?” Commented Roger.

A while back, the band had already told Rolling Stone about it:

John Deacon nowadays

“John doesn’t want to get involved. He is in his own space and we respect that. It’s sad, because we’d love to have him around, but he doesn’t want to be in this arena anymore … he just doesn’t want to walk those roads,” Brian revealed.

In the film, the former member of the group was played by Joe Mazello and was well-praised:

“Joe racked up his interpretation but made it a little too stylish. Deacy was from Leicester and had a bit of a northern accent. But they were all amazing. They must have watched hours of filming of all of us,” Brian said.

Currently, John Deacon lives a quiet life in Putney, London, in the same house he bought at the beginning of Queen’s success.

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