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Black Sabbath finally releases HD version of “Get a Grip” videoclip

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Black Sabbath finally releases HD version of “Get a Grip” videoclip

The music Black Sabbath made with Tony Martin on vocals will finally be available officially on the streaming platforms via the boxset Anno Domini, although it’s only being promoted by Tony Iommi‘s social media. A few tracks like “Headless Cross” had already been released and the most recent ones made available for the fans are “Evil Eye” and “Get A Grip”.


The high quality version of the video for “Headless Cross” already was released by Iommi on his Youtube channel two months ago but now the HD version for “Get A Grip” is also available.

That track is part of the final Tony Martin album with Black Sabbath. Called “Forbidden” and released in 1995, the band was also formed at the time by Neil Murray (Bass), Geoff Nicholls (Keyboards) and Cozy Powell (Drums).

Watch the high quality version of the official video for the Black Sabbath song “Get a Grip”

Now, you might think it’s weird that these songs and the box-set are only being promoted by Tony Iommi on his social media and there is nothing on Black Sabbath’s official channels, rather than in the music streaming platforms.

The thing is that Tony Iommi and Ozzy Osbourne are the ones who own the name “Black Sabbath” and although there is no official information about why Iommi is promoting the material only on his social media and Youtube, we can think that is because the other half, which is Ozzy, didn’t agree with that material being featured on Sabbath’s official media and website.

That’s also not a surprise because only the first and original era of Black Sabbath is featured on the band’s social media. The years with Dio, Glenn Hughes and Tony Martin, for example, were never featured on the band’s website, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Which is obviously a shame.

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