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Billy Joel’s opinion on Taylor Swift and her shows

Billy Joel and Taylor Swift


Billy Joel’s opinion on Taylor Swift and her shows

There is certainly no way to deny that Taylor Swift might be nowadays the biggest artist in the world in terms of success. Whether you like her music or not, she was heard billions of times on the streaming platforms, sold millions of records and millions of tickets. At her concerts you can even buy tickets that are behind the stage, seeing the show on a big screen and her when she is performing on the runway in front of the stage.


So she is really a huge phenomenon and many legendary older artists went to see her perform over the years. One of them is the pianist, songwriter and singer Billy Joel, who shared his opinion on her.

What is Billy Joel’s opinion on Taylor Swift and her shows

Billy Joel had the chance to see Taylor Swift perform live a few times over the years and more recently in 2023 when he took his wife and two youngest daughters to see The Eras Tour” show in Tampa, Florida. His family loves her music and he said she is a really great phenomenon.

He talked about that show and praised her in an interview with BBC radio in 2024 (Transcribed by Rock and Roll Garage). “I’m a dad to these little girls now. So life is a bit on the mundane side but I like it like that. Yes I did (take them to see Taylor Swift).”

“That was a great show, she was phenomenal. She is great, she does three and a half hours on stage. I mean, the woman’s energy is incredible. Every hit song she’s ever done she’s gonna do (live). She’s running over there, they’re dancing. I’m glad I don’t have to start out now to follow that act,” Billy Joel said.

“The Eras Tour” happened from March 2023 to December 2024 and had 60 shows. She performed in North America, South America, Asia and Oceania. The box office of those shows simply surpassed 1 billion dollars.

He already compared her with Beatlemania

Joel already had seen her live in 2021 and at the time he told USA Today that the only thing that could really explain how successful she is was Beatlemania. Because in the 60s when The Beatles appeared and their first hits were released it was like mayhem and people were really crazy about them. So that’s the only thing Joel said he could use to explain how successful the American singer and songwriter is.

“Taylor is also a very talented girl, and she’s productive. Keeps coming up with great concepts and songs, and she’s huge. You have to give her high marks. She knows music, and she knows how to write. She’s like that generation’s Beatles,” Billy Joel said.

Taylor Swift loves Billy Joel’s music and was really flattered by his words

Taylor Swift was born in 1989, when Billy Joel already had eleven albums out and was a musician known worldwide. Although their music is not really similar, she told Extra that she was really flattered by his words and that she was a huge fan of his.

“That honestly like broke my brain because that doesn’t seem like a real thing that would happen in life. I might have hallucinated it, maybe we had the same hallucination. Because I don’t really know how to process words like that from someone like him, I’m a huge fan of his,” Taylor Swift said.

With 11 studio albums released, Swift is already one of the best-selling artists of all time. She has sold an estimated amount of more than 200 million records worldwide.

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