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Bill Ward recalls weird dream all Sabbath members used to have at night

Bill Ward

Classic Rock

Bill Ward recalls weird dream all Sabbath members used to have at night

Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward recalled in an interview with Metal Hammer that the Black Sabbath members used to have the same strange dream in the early days with some kind of priest or a spectre that used to visit them at night during their sleep. The musician said that he believes in ghosts and he thinks it was some kind of guardian angel.


Drummer Bill Ward recalls the strange dream all Sabbath members used to have at night:

“When we finished Black Sabbath rehearsals at the Aston community centre. I had feelings inside telling me a few things; we were different and it didn’t matter if we became famous. I knew what we’d made would cause a few problems. But also earn us great affection. I’m so fucking proud of that.”

“Black Sabbath were so tight, we’d have the same dreams. It happens when you’re in a room transferring things to each other musically all day. So we’d end up having similar dreams. One of the dreams we had was being visited by a priest, or a spectre. I just saw that as a guardian angel.”

“I love ghosts – I’m a ghost person and have been most of my life.”

The angels guitarist Tony Iommi saw when he was young

Many things were aligned for the birth of Heavy Metal, such as bands like The Beatles and The Who writing heavy songs in the 60s and the most important element: guitarist Tony Iommi, who lost the tips of the middle and ring fingers of his right hand in an industrial accident on his last day of work in a sheet metal factory.

This accident made Iommi create homemade thimbles to his injured fingers to extend and protect them and change the guitar tuning so that he could easily play. That combination made his sound heavier and darker, and Black Sabbath went on the create the Heavy Metal genre.

It seems that it really was Tony Iommi’s destiny to become an important person, since as he recalled in interviews over the decades and in his autobigraphy, he was “saved” by angels when he was a teenager and had a car accident.

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