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Bassist and singer John Lodge says The Moody Blues won’t tour anymore

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Bassist and singer John Lodge says The Moody Blues won’t tour anymore

Bassist and singer John Lodge said in an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock that The Moody Blues won’t tour anymore because singer and guitarist Justin Hayward doesn’t want to play with the band anymore.


Bassist and singer John Lodge says The Moody Blues won’t tour anymore:

“I don’t think there’ll be anything with the Moodys. So I know the Moodys won’t tour again. I would tour, but I know Justin [Hayward] doesn’t want to tour with the Moodys, so it won’t happen.” Lodge adds that he’s none too happy about it, “but it’s life, you know.” And it’s given him a charge to keep the group’s music at the forefront of his own performances. When I tour, I just play all Moody Blues songs because I want to keep it alive and fresh.”

“The Moody Blues meant so much to me, and so much to so many people. It’s been part of me for 50 years — more, really. I’m very proud of it, and that’s why I want to keep playing those songs and keep it fresh and alive. I don’t want the Moody Blues to ever become just, like, a singalong band, you know? I want to keep it going.”

New solo song

Moody Blues‘ bassist and singer John Lodge released back in 2020 a new single called “In These Crazy Times”. Being stuck ‘in isolation’, the track was recorded by John in his home studio. Besides singing he played the guitar, keyboards and drum on the track. The song also features his wife Kirsten, on backing vocals and his son, Kristian, on Lead Guitar. He never recorded before with them. In addition YES‘ Jon Davison also appears on backing vocals and harmonies.

John Lodge talked about the song, saying:

“In 1967 “The Moody Blues” recorded ‘Days of Future Passed’, and we were in the studio in lockdown 24 hours a day creating an album that changed my life. Being in lockdown now reminds me of the creativity and solitude that took place during that period of my life. So I have taken the opportunity, given by this lockdown period, to write and record a new song about these difficult days. Days that stretched into weeks and months”.

“When the pandemic came I had just finished up my US tour and the Rock and Romance cruise and within three days my wife and I were ‘stranded’. Music is my life, and without a studio (or my band). I decided to perfect my use of ‘Garageband’ to create all the instruments. Also record my guitars and vocals in my “ home studio”.

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