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Axl Rose attacks Donald Trump saying “We Don’t Have a President”

Donald Trump and Axl Rose

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Axl Rose attacks Donald Trump saying “We Don’t Have a President”

Once again Axl Rose haven’t said good things about the president Donald Trump. Now he said the United States doesn’t have a president. The singer made his latest comment in response to an interview that Trump gave to The Hill in which he excoriated Jeff Sessions, saying: “I don’t have an attorney general.” Trump had previously called Sessions “weak” and disloyal. (More info here)


About those comments, Rose tweeted:

“Trump rips into Jeff Sessions: ‘I don’t have an Attorney General.’ And we don’t have a President.”

Attacking the the first lady

Trump and axl rose

Last year Axl attacked the president’s wife Melania Trump, saying that Melania Trump was an ex-hooker.

The statement came at a time when the American press was questioning the legitimacy of the EB-1 visa that Melania Trump, born in Slovenia, has.

This visa, also known as “Einstein Visa”, was obtained by Melania Trump in 2001 and is given to those who “demonstrate extraordinary skill in science, arts, education, business or sports, confirmed through continuous national or international recognition.”

As Melania Trump dropped out of school to become a model, there is great controversy in the country if the First Lady qualifies for EB-1 or if Donald Trump, who met her in 1998, had some influence on getting a visa.

Axl Rose not only attacked status as a Melanie immigrant but in a series of tweets issued yesterday, March 2, the Guns N ‘Roses frontman said the First Lady is a “former hooker.”

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