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Anthrax says that Slayer’s retirement doesn’t mean that Heavy Metal is dying


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Anthrax says that Slayer’s retirement doesn’t mean that Heavy Metal is dying

Frank Bello Anthrax’s bassist talked with Sofa King Cool about Slayer farewell tour. And he said that this doesn’t mean that the Heavy Metal music is dying.


Read what he said:

“No. Why would that be end to heavy metal? Anthrax is going stronger than ever. You’ve got Metallica going stronger than ever. Megadeth… All the bands are doing what they’re doing…

Anthrax yellow

“I don’t think Slayer will ever die. Even though this is the last tour, you’ll always see a Slayer… I mean, I’ll always have my records; that’s the way I look at it.

“They’re all really good friends of mine, so just because they stop touring… Maybe there’ll be one-off shows and stuff like that.

“There’ll always be a Slayer. I don’t consider them retiring. It’s weird for me to even hear that. I’m hoping that they’ll do one-off shows and we’ll get to play with them [beyond the final tour], ’cause I truly enjoy playing with them.”

And about Anthrax retirement:

“I wanna play for as long as I can play. I genuinely enjoy doing this. I’ve been very, very fortunate.

“I know how lucky I am to be able to do this and make a living at it. So I don’t look at that and take it lightly. I’ve been very lucky. And I truly enjoy playing with the band, and we love writing songs. Our last couple of records have been the biggest records we’ve had. So we’re on a good path.

“Look, I’m a musician, I’m a songwriter,” he said. “This is what we do. And I don’t see a reason to stop, quite honestly.”

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