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Ann Wilson talks about Heart reunion in 2019

Ann and Nancy Wilson

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Ann Wilson talks about Heart reunion in 2019

In interview, the legendary singer Ann Wilson confirmed that she’s planning to get back with her sister and guitarist Nancy Wilson to discuss a Heart reunion in 2019. The band has been on a hiatus since 2016.


Read what she said to Q104.3:

“Just about everyone I’ve talked to today has asked me to comment on this rumor that there’s a Heart reunion next year. And I haven’t heard about that yet.

“But Nancy and I will be getting together soon to talk and see if we have any ideas on that.

“I will never agree to go back out there in a mechanical, money-grab-type way; at this point in my life, I’m not gonna do that – I’m gonna make every minute count and make it real. So we’ll talk and we’ll figure out if we can figure out a fresh, new, cool way.

Nancy Wilson and Ann Wilson

“Heart was conceived in an atmosphere of idealism, and that’s how it has to be reconceived now for me to be interested in doing it. So it’s possible.”

New album

Singer Ann Wilson released a version for the Eagles’ song “Life In The Fast Lane.” The re-recording is part of her next album, “Immortal,” that has covers of songs made by artists deceased in recent years.

“Life In The Fast Lane” was intended to honor Glenn Frey, vocalist and guitarist for the Eagles who died in January 2016. “Immortal” also features songs by Chris Cornell, Leonard Cohen, Amy Winehouse, Tom Petty and David Bowie.

Listen to the version of “Life In The Fast Lane”:

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