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Alex Lifeson isolated guitar on Rush’s “Limelight”

Alex Lifeson isolated guitar


Alex Lifeson isolated guitar on Rush’s “Limelight”

Alex Lifeson is certainly one of the best guitarists in rock history. Which gave the song great riffs and solos with Rush, alongside Geddy Lee and Neil Peart (That died January 2020 after a battle with cancer). And you’ve probably heard the classic “Limelight” from the 1981 Moving Pictures album hundreds of times. But now, you have the chance to hear Lifeson’s amazing isolated guitar.


Hear Alex Lifeson isolated guitar on Rush’s “Limelight”:


Born Aleksandar Živojinović in Canada, in 1953, Alex Lifeson made history as Rush guitarist. He was considered the 98th best guitarist of all time by the American magazine Rolling Stone. He is responsible for many legendary riffs and solos.

Extremely versatile, Alex is competent in riffs, solos and textures. Characterized by presenting a precise distribution over the times and a very elaborate rhythmic work. Together with Geddy, he composes the songs of the power trio. Also, one of Alex’s greatest merits was that he created his own style.

Their way of playing is extremely important to complete the band’s sound without generating conflicts between the instruments. Still on his performance and the way he fits in Rush, Lifeson declared to the Brazilian magazine Cover Guitarra, that he prioritizes originality in his compositions.

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