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Alex Lifeson’s bandmate Andy Curran talks about possible Rush reunion

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Alex Lifeson’s bandmate Andy Curran talks about possible Rush reunion

Andy Curran, the former member of the Canadian band Coney Hatch, who is now a member of Envy of None, project that has the Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson, talked in an interview with Rock Music History (Transcribed by Ultimate Classic Rock) about a possible reunion of the group next year.


The last official concert made by Rush was in 2015 and since the death of the legendary drummer Neil Peart many fans think that the band is over and shouldn’t reunite because Peart was a really important element of their sound, but there are many people who would love to see Lifeson and Geddy Lee playing together again. Next year the band’s self-titled album released in 1974 will turn 50 and it could be a good oportunity for a reunion as Curran said.

Envy of None recently announced their second EP called “That Was Then, This Is Now”.

Alex Lifeson’s bandmate Andy Curran said about a possible Rush reunion:

“I’m going to answer in two ways. I’m going to say [that] I hope they do, as a Rush fan. I hope those boys do because I see that there’s a lot of race left in both of those horses. Those guys are extremely creative guys. I would be shocked if they didn’t do something together. That’s maybe the hopeful side of me.”

“But I do know that Geddy is spending a lot of time [on other projects]. He’s just announced the release of his book, his memoirs; he’s got a TV show that he’s working on. Alex is an avid golfer, and I think that the boys are enjoying the time away from that very sort of write-tour-record-tour, rinse and repeat.”

(Since the pair were enjoying) “being their own guys with a bit of freedom. The interesting thing is the 50th anniversary of ‘Rush’ next year. So I think if there’s ever going to be a time, then we might see something happening next year,” Andy Curran said.

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