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According to Sammy Hagar concerts can’t wait for Coronavirus vaccine

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According to Sammy Hagar concerts can’t wait for Coronavirus vaccine

Singer Sammy Hagar (Montrose, Van Halen) said that music concerts can’t wait for Coronavirus vaccine in an interview with Rolling Stone.  He also talked about the economic side of the pandemic and what could change.


When asked by the interviewer if he would be comfort to tour before a vaccine is made, Sammy Hagar said:

Yes, I will. I’m going to make a radical statement. I’m always good for that. Yeah, not too soon. I want to make sure it’s not escalating. When it’s declining and seems to be going away. I mean, it’s the flu, I guess, unless there is something I don’t know. So there’s a season where it’s going to go, “Eh.” I mean, someone is going to get it always. It’s like the cold or pneumonia. Someone is always getting something.

Sammy Hagar concert

But if it calms down and it seems OK, I wouldn’t mind playing an outdoor amphitheater. I’ve already talked to the promoters and the powers that be that own those places. I’ve said, “What if we put sterilization things all over the place? Hand sanitizers, too. And hand out face masks.” I’m not talking about now. I’m talking about when it first starts opening back up. In a big open-air setting, only sell 10,000 out of 19,000. Whatever. I’m fine with it. Now, this is hard to say too without stirring somebody up on me …

He continued:

But truthfully I’d rather personally get sick and even personally die, if that’s what it takes. We have to save the world and this country from this economic thing that’s going to kill more people in the long run. Look at homelessness. If you want to talk about a pandemic, friggin’ homelessness in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago … I’ve been all over America, man. It’s growing faster than anything.

This shutdown of the economy is going to make that escalate 10 times and then we’re all going to be sick and you can’t walk down the street. I would rather see everyone go back to work. If some of us have to sacrifice on that, OK. I will die for my children and my grandchildren to have a life anywhere close to the life that I had in this wonderful country and freedom. That’s just the way that I feel about it.

I’m not going to go around spreading the disease. But there may be a time where we have to sacrifice. We used to go to war for our country where hundreds of thousands of people died to keep our freedom and keep this country economically where everyone has a car and a home. Those days are changing, but that’s the way I feel about this whole thing. I’m not real big on dragging it out until we’re all fucked and there’s no way out.

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