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8 year old Scott Ian son plays guitar with Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters Scott Ian Son

Classic Rock

8 year old Scott Ian son plays guitar with Foo Fighters

Scott Ian’s son took the stage with Foo Fighters and played the American rock band’s song “Everlong” at the Bourbon & Beyond Festival on September 24.


The 8-year-old Revel came on stage after Dave Grohl called him “one of my favorite guitarists of all time”. The Foo Fighters singer played with fellow Scott Ian and invited him to the stage to “help” his son. “This is guitar coach Armando,” Grohl said.

When he was ready, Revel even made the symbol of horns toward the audience. The young man started the song and was later accompanied by the members of Foo Fighters. In the end, the Anthrax guitarist’s son thanks the audience and leaves the stage with his father.

Even very young, Revel already shows talent and dedication. Scott Ian posted on Instagram the video of the performance and a message to his son: “There goes my hero! Proudest dad moment ever? How about when your son gets to join his favorite band on stage to play Everlong in front of 40,000 people and NAILS IT! Thank you Dave, Taylor, Pat, Nate, Chris, Rami, Gus, Kerwin, Sean, Patrick, Simone and everyone else on the Foo crew for being the best!!!”

Anthrax guitarist also thanked the Foo Fighters and the entire show staff for “being the best.”

See Scott Ian, his son and Foo Fighters playing together:

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