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10 Rock and Roll costume ideas for Halloween

10 Rock and Roll costume ideas for Halloween


10 Rock and Roll costume ideas for Halloween

Halloween, the only time of the year you can go out in the streets dressed like you want to and nobody will care. If you are a rock and roll fan and also love Halloween we will give you some great costumes ideas. To be scary or funny when go out to ask for some candies. Maybe you can dress as a particular rockstar, a roadie, or maybe a band mascot.


The 10 Rock & Roll costume ideas for Halloween

Angus Young

If you love hard rock, you are probably an AC/DC fan, right? Well, an “easy” costume idea then is to dress as school student and if you have a Gibson SG you definitely look like the legendary Angus Young.

Angus Young costume

Axl Rose

If you love Guns N’ Roses and don’t mind being shirtless, you can get yourself a bandana and a short with USA flag and there you go, you are Axl Rose for Halloween!


Slash is probably the easiest one, cause everything you need is a black top hat and sunglasses. And if you don’t have long hair. Just get yourself a wig and you can be the Guns N’ Roses guitarist for one night.

Amber Rose as slash

ZZ Top

If you love this power trio from Texas and you and to show it on Halloween, get yourself a long beard in a costume store, get some sunglasses, a hat, boots and all you have to do is start singing “La Grange”.

ZZ Top beard costume


This one is probably the most obvious one, since many fans wear this costume for Halloween every year. So, if you know some that knows how to do make up, ask that person to paint your face as The Demon (Gene Simmons), The Catman (Peter Criss), Spaceman (Ace Frehley), Starchild (Paul Stanley) or any other KISS members from other eras.

Gene Simmons costume

Alice Cooper

Another easy costume that involves make up is painting your face like Alice Cooper, all you got to do is to paint around your eyes like the legendary singer has done in his career.

Alice Cooper costume

Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin had a unique voice and also a distinguish style, since she used to wear feathers, dye her hair and wear nice sunglasses. If you are a girl, is not very hard to look like the legendary Janis. And there are many stores that sell these items.

Janis Joplin costume



An easy out for your Halloween costume is probably wearing only a mask, right? If you want a quick solution that is probably the best way. And some rock and roll mascots look really nice for Haloween. One of the them is the awesome Rattlehead, present in all Megadeth cover albums and of course, in their concerts.

Dave Mustaien Rattlehead


Iron Maiden‘s Eddie is probably the most famous mascot of rock and roll. The creature is in all their album covers and also present in all their concerts. If you are a Maiden, get your mask and play “666 The Number of The Beast” loud.

Quiet Riot

If you love the 80s and hard rock and wanna look kinda crazy to people in general, you can find yourself a straightjacket, a red one, if you can, and find an Iron Mask. There you go, you look like Quiet Riot‘s mascot, all you got to do now is hear “Bang Your Head” with your friends.

Quiet Riot mask

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