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10 crazy Heavy Metal subgenres you didn’t know

10 crazy Heavy Metal subgenres you didn’t know


10 crazy Heavy Metal subgenres you didn’t know

If you are a heavy metal fan, you probably know that are many types of metal: Thrash Metal, Speed Metal, Power Metal, Glam Metal, Doom Metal, just to name a few. But there are many crazy subgenres that are not well known even by the most die hard fans.


The names range from the most obvious to the most intriguing and dubious. We have surf metal, for example, that mixes the characteristic uninterrupted guitar riffs that consecrate the surf music with the vocal techniques of metal. At the same time, some creative ideas shape such less obvious styles. This is the case of the band Metal Shakespeare Company, which “inaugurated” the subgenre Shakespeare metal by translating works of the iconic poet into a heavy musical language.

The specifics remain in the list with Maori metal proposed by the New Zealand band Alien Weaponry, which aims to teach the Maori culture to the headbangers. Another subject that gives name to the subgenre previously unheard of is Christian grindcore, represented by the band Rehumanize, whose lyrics count on several religious associations.

There is also the parrot metal, in which a parrot (yes, a parrot) “sings” over a very metalic instrumental base. In the same parameter fits the orc rock, movement carried out by the fictitious figures.

Completing the list, we still have ska metal, blackened slave spirituals, dream thrash and scatgrind. Check out all of these metal’s potential subgenres in the video below.

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