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ZZ Top will release a new album

ZZ Top 2020

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ZZ Top will release a new album

In 2020 ZZ Top completes 50 years. And the trio formed by Billy Gibbons (Guitar), Dusty Hill (Bass) and Frank Beard (Drums) will release a new album, their 16th. They have sold more than 50 million records worldwide.

Billy Gibbons announced the new album in an interview with The Express:

“It’s called Foam Box Recordings, where we get to gather and try out a few new things. In fact, I was just on the phone just yesterday with the noted producer Mr. Rick Rubin. Rick’s got a few ideas that he threw into the mix. He’s raring to get us back in the room.”

The ZZ Top guitarist said that Rick Rubin:

“Likes to work on the West Coast, so it’s between Texas and California where we dream this stuff up. So it’ll be coming up, probably in the next few months, I hope. It’s a bit premature for a proper announcement, but it’ll be forthcoming.”

“We’ve really come to the point [where] the one thing we agree, we three, [is] still enjoying getting to do what we get to do.

“And once we hit the stage it’s always with a grin and again, it’s not about who’s going to make the first mistake, it’s about how we’re going to get out of it! [laughs].”

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