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Vince Neil denies Mötley Crüe reunion rumour

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Vince Neil denies Mötley Crüe reunion rumour

Mötley Crües’ lead singer Vince Neil tweeted about the reunion rumours that Radar Online published. The singer denied that story, saying the band never received an offer for a meeting. The singer said he has not talked to his bandmates since the biopic “The Dirt” was released earlier this year on Netflix.


Vince Neil said about the reunion rumour

“People these rumors are false. I haven’t spoken to any band member’s since movie premiere. I had to cancel shows due to back problems which I am getting treatment now. There is no tension between me and Tommy. Don’t believe anything from These so-called gossip sites. Keep Rocking”

Reunion rumours

The online tabloid Radar Online discovered that Mötley Crüe would have received a millionaire offer for a reunion. However, some specific elements supposedly prevent the band from pocketing the value and resuming it’s activities.

According to the website, the company Live Nation would have offered $ 150 million for a reunion tour. The band has been on the rise recently thanks to the biopic “The Dirt“, released exclusively on Netflix.

Conditions for a reunion

However, Live Nation allegedly imposed some conditions for the investment to materialize. The tabloid said executives had asked vocalist Vince Neil to lose 20kg and treat his alleged addictions in a rehab clinic.

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