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Tony Iommi says he definitely wants to write music again

Tony Iommi says that “the Last thing i want to do is pick up a guitar”

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Tony Iommi says he definitely wants to write music again

Just over a year after Black Sabbath performed their last show, on February 4, 2017, the band’s hometown (Birmingham, England) legendary guitarist Tony Iommi spoke of his willingness to rewrite. “Regarding music, I definitely want to re-compose. But now I’m doing a lot of charity work, “he said in an interview with The Midlands Rocks.

“I’m working with Heartlands Hospital, which is part of the Heart of England Foundation Trust, and also with Wythall Animal Sanctuary, and both are very important to me. I just try to help when I can in the hospital, we’re trying to raise money now to buy beds for patients who are doing chemo. ”

Tony Iommi on cancer

In the conversation, the musician also explained how he felt when the tour was drawing to a close. “I did not care much until the last shows, in fact, because it seemed like we were doing like always – we would end the tour and after a few months we would start planning the next one. But that did not happen, you know. There were those moments when I suddenly realized that this would be the last time we would play certain music, and it caught me. ”

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