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Tony Iommi reveals which Black Sabbath album he considers “Really Crap”

Tony iommi

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Tony Iommi reveals which Black Sabbath album he considers “Really Crap”

In an interview with Louder Sound, the legendary Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi revealed which album he consider to be “really a crap” and about other works.


He said:

“The 1990s were not much fun for me. At the end of the 1980s, Sabbath made some music that I consider good, including [1987’s] ‘The Eternal Idol’ and [1989’s] ‘Headless Cross,’ but [1995’s] ‘Forbidden’ was really crap.

“We were pushed into a corner. Somebody at the record company suggested we work with Ice-T. My reaction was: ‘Who the hell is he?’ But we met up and he was a nice bloke, and also a big fan of Sabbath.

“[Body Count guitarist] Ernie C ended up producing Forbidden, which was a terrible mistake. Ernie tried to get Cozy Powell to play these hip-hop-style drum parts, which, quite rightly, offended him.

“You don’t tell Cozy Powell how to play drums.

“In the 1990s there were a lot of line-up changes and it became hard to drive Sabbath onwards. But I’m very determined – you don’t split up the band just because somebody leaves. Find a replacement. Get on with it. I still believed in the band.

During the rest of the interview, Tony also talked about Sabbath’s 1983 album “Born Again”:

“Someday I’d love to restore ‘Born Again.’ That was the album we made with Ian Gillan. It sounded great in the studio, but there was a problem with pressing.

“It would be great to fix it up. But you know what? The tapes have disappeared into the [former Black Sabbath manager and Sharon Osbourne’s father] Don Arden pit. We’ve found about five tracks, the rest are all missing. Such a shame.”

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