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The tragic story of INXS’ Michael Hutchence death

Michael Hutchence


The tragic story of INXS’ Michael Hutchence death

On 22 November 1997 Michael Hutchence, lead singer of INXS, was found hanged with a belt at the age of 37 in a room at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Sydney.


The official version says he hanged himself with a belt. Some years later, an unofficial version claims that he was on his knees and staring at the bedroom door, suffocated by a belt looping around his neck.

Since no evidence to prove that another person was coming in his room or no substance was found in his body, the conclusion that the police arrived was that he was the victim of an accident during a radical practice of masturbation, erotic self-suffocation. He was only 37 years old.

Michael Kelland John Hutchence was the owner of a powerful and remarkable voice, Hutchence during the years of his career was the symbol of the band with remarkable songs and great successes, always based on his powerful voice.

“Never Tear Us Apart”, “By My Side”, “New Sensation”, “Original Sin”, “Disappear”, “Not Enough Time”, “Mistify”, “Listen Like Thieves “,” Need You Tonight “and” Slide Away “, the latter, in partnership with Bono Vox, U2.

He was married to British presenter Paula Yates, with whom he had a daughter – today, after Yates’ death, under the tutelage of singer Bob Geldof, ex-husband of the presenter.

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