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Study says that going to concerts can help you live longer

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Study says that going to concerts can help you live longer

The report, led by O2 and behavioral science professor Patrick Fagan, indicates that going on shows can make people live longer.

According to the study, experiencing a show for only 20 minutes can result in a 21% increase in feelings of well-being. Further research has found a link between “high levels of well-being [and] a nine-year lifespan,” suggesting that exposure to live music could help you live longer.

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Psychometric and cardiac tests were performed in the study participants, where 25% had increased self-esteem, and 75% had increased mental stimulation. The study also found that those who attend shows every fortnight are more likely to have “happiness, contentment, productivity and self-esteem at the highest level.”

“Our research shows the profound impact shows have on feelings, health, happiness and well-being – with biweekly or regular participation being the key,” he said. “Combining all our findings with O2 research, we came up with a recipe that a show every two weeks could pave the way for nearly a decade or more of life.”

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