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Pearl Jam can play on Woodstock 2019

Pearl Jam Woodstock

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Pearl Jam can play on Woodstock 2019

The website Alternative Nation reported that Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters could be among the headliners of Woodstock 2019. Pearl Jam announced a new album and fans are anxious about the new tour dates that can appear after the release. A strong rumour is that the band could be on this year’s Woodstock.


A new rumor was posted on the Ten Club forums a few days ago but it’s unclear if it’s the official Woodstock festival or the event at the venue of the original festival. (Read more about the two events here).

LeafsJaysCubsRaptorsFan, who has announced news about shows in the past, posted:

“Sounds like the Woodstock rumour is going to come to fruition. Sounds like beginning of August is a good time for vacation for anyone who might need to make a request. Also sounds like a full North America tour depending on album completion.”


Until now, the only confrmed artist to be in one of the two editions of the the festival is Carlos Santana, that was in the 1969 original festival.

Woodstock festival celebrates 50 years since its first edition and there is a little confusion that came up when two festivals were announced to celebrate the five decades, because there are two festivals that will happen on the same dates and in close proximity and Carlos Santana is the first one confirmed artist to one of them.

The first of these is two festivals is the Bethel Woods Music and Culture Festival, which will be held at the same venue as Woodstock 1969 to commemorate the brand but has no involvement with producer Michael Lang, one of the makers of the original party. This festival confirmed his first artist that will be Carlos Santana, that was in the first one made in 69.

The second is precisely the Lang Festival, which bears the name Woodstock 50 and will roll just under 200 miles from the first, also in New York state, in a venue that has hosted gigantic events in the past.

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