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Linkin Park releases official video of “One More Light” with Chester vocals

Linkin Park releases official video of One More Light with Chester vocals


Linkin Park releases official video of “One More Light” with Chester vocals

The song is on their most recent album also called “One More Light”. The new official video was made as a tribute to the late singer Cheste Bennington.


You can watch the video below:

“One More Light” by Linkin Park

One More Light (2017)

Read the statements of the band:

“It has been incredibly emotional to work on this, and especially to watch it. I feel that by doing it, we not only faced some of our biggest fears, but it enabled us to use our talents to bring some light to people that need it. As we move forward to the Hollywood Bowl show and beyond, I think about the people that connect with the band, outside and inside our circle. This video is a gesture of good will to the people that want that connection.” – Joe Hahn.

“One More Light was written with the intention of sending love to those who lost someone. We now find ourselves on the receiving end. In memorial events, art, videos, and images, fans all over the world have gravitated towards this song as their declaration of love and support for the band and the memory of our dear friend, Chester. We are so very grateful and can’t wait to see you again.” – Mike Shinoda.

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