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Lars Ulrich says Cliff Burton will Always be part of Metallica

Metallica with Cliff Burton

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Lars Ulrich says Cliff Burton will Always be part of Metallica

In an interview with Andy Hall’s radio show, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich spoke about former bassist Cliff Burton, who died in 1986 in an accident with the band’s bus.

Cliff Burton metallica

“31 years later now, we’re in a place where everything’s fine – we can handle it. People [ask us], ‘How do you feel?’ I mean, it was difficult at the time, but you have to find a place, find a way to move and continue. (…) Cliff will forever be part of this experience, Cliff will always be part of this band and we always think of him as our brother – it will never stop, and that did not stop. He is part of the Metallica family as we continue to move forward. I do not know if ‘sad’ is the right word – peculiar or strange to hear. But much of that time is still kind of … When I think of that time, a lot is erased. ”

See the full interview below:

Cliff Burton day

Recently, the bassist’s hometown of Castro Valley, Calif., Named February 6 as “Cliff Burton Day.”

More than three decades later, the musician was honored with the creation of “Cliff Burton Day,” a holiday that will take place on the anniversary of his birthday, February 10, in his hometown of Castro Valley, California.

Cliff Burton

The action was created by fans of Metallica through a petition on the website that gathered thousands of signatures.

The announcement was made by the band’s social networks with the following message: “It’s official! The Alameda County Board of Supervisors has just proclaimed that February 10, 2018, which marks the 56th birthday of Cliff, is now ‘Cliff Burton Day’. Thanks to all the fans who were part of this. We love that he continues to be revered. ”

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