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Keith Richards apologizes for making fun of Mick Jagger’s vasectomy

Mick Jagger and Keith Richards


Keith Richards apologizes for making fun of Mick Jagger’s vasectomy

Keith Richards apologized to Mick Jagger for a joke made during a recent Wall Street Journal interview. At the time, he said the 73-year-old colleague should have a vasectomy. Jagger and girlfriend Melanie Hamrick had their first child (and the eighth of the musician), Deveraux, in December 2016.

Rolling Stones with Mick Taylor

“Mick is an old man who never stops,” said the Rolling Stones guitarist on the story published last Wednesday, 28. “He was not supposed to be a dad at that age. Poor kids! “. After the interview came out, Richards issued a statement apologizing for the suggestion that Jagger should have a vasectomy.

On Twitter, he talked about the situation. “I’m sorry for the comments I made about Mick on Wall Street Jounal. They were completely unnecessary. Of course I apologized to him personally.”

See the original tweet below:

In the interview, Richards also promised the Rolling Stones fans that the band will release a new album eventually. “I’m going to look like [President of the United States Donald] Trump now – ‘It’s going to happen; do not worry ‘- but it’s still in the early stages, “he said. The group released Blue and Lonesome, blues cover album, in 2016.

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