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Italian AC/DC fan plays on the balcony during the quarantine

AC/DC fan quarantine balcony

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Italian AC/DC fan plays on the balcony during the quarantine

An AC/DC fan made his neighbors more happy during the quarantine to contain the coronavirus in Italy. Italians are in their homes and apartments. Many spend their time playing and singing in the windows and balconies that give access to the street.


The short video showw the best moments of the performance of the fan that was dressed as Angus Young and played guitar.

Watch Italian playing AC/DC on the balcony during the quarantine:


According to the head of Civil Protection, Angelo Borrelli, the total number of Covid-19 patients in ICUs in Italian hospitals was again below 4,000 (3,994, against 4,068 the day before). The fall was detected in particular in Lombardy (north). The most affected region, where hospitals are full, with 1,326 people in ICUs, 50 less than the day before.

Ukraine, which expects a significant increase in cases of Covid-19 in the coming weeks, has sent doctors to Italy to help and gain experience. A team of 20 doctors including surgeons, anesthetists and nurses will be employed in the Marche region for two weeks. According to the Italian ambassador to Ukraine, Davide La Cecilia.

“The health service in our country is in a situation of stress, and we really need medical personnel. We are happy to send this humanitarian aid from Ukraine,” he said.

The total number of people infected with the new coronavirus is over 1 million in the world. It was 1,201,246 until Saturday night

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