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Gene Simmons says there is nothing wrong on doing something only for the money

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Gene Simmons says there is nothing wrong on doing something only for the money

Kiss’ bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons said his opinion about capitalism during a recent interview on Three Sides of the Coin podcast.

Read what he said:

“If the only reason somebody does something is for money, there is literally nothing wrong with it. In fact, it’s the highest thing.

“If somebody worked all their life and finally accumulates wealth, you’re not supposed to talk about it, but if some jackass spent no time working on anything and wins the lottery and gets $100 million, everybody goes over and pats him on the back – ‘Hey, congrats. Isn’t that great?’ You didn’t do anything for it, bitch.

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“That’s not the one that you’re supposed to go, ‘Yeah, go for it’ – it’s the one that worked for it. The notion that, ‘Well, you only do it for money,’ well, that’s the description of the work ethic of America.

“Most people go to work at jobs they don’t like, and the only thing they do it for is to be able to feed their family. They do it for money. They get up at six o’clock every day, go to work at jobs they don’t like and the only reason they do it is for money.

Gene Simmons says “I love the sound of my own voice”

“Why is it any less ethical for somebody who strums a guitar? ‘Well, the only reason I strum a guitar is to get money.’ Why not?”

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