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David Lee Roth surprises fan in his bachelor that was playing Van Halen

David Lee Roth bachelor party

Classic Rock

David Lee Roth surprises fan in his bachelor that was playing Van Halen

Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth surprised a fan during a bachelor party in Las Vegas last weekend.


Roth was staying at a city hotel during the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) music festival, when he apparently heard Van Halen’’s music being played in a nearby room.

With a few people, the singer approached and knocked on the door of the hotel’s neighbor, saying to the surprised fan: “We heard Van Halen here. My name is David Lee Roth, and I’m across the hall.”

The entire meeting was filmed and sent to Roth’s official YouTube channel:

Las Vegas Residency

David Lee Roth recently stated that he would love to make Las Vegas residency concerts. He said:

“I just pursued this, I was over at the House of Blues yesterday. There’s lots and lots of people requesting.”

“There’s lots and lots of people requesting.” But — what would a David Lee Roth residency entail? “I kind of am the patron saint of midnight when everybody’s guilty of all ages. It’d transcend neighborhoods. You can be wearing a cowboy hat or you can be wearing five inch clogs out there with sparkles in your hair. You can have dreadlocks or a crew cut, you can wear a military uniform to work or you can wear a bikini to work and you know what David Lee Roth brings to the proceedings, okay?”

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