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Dave Grohl says he is still uncomfortable as a frontman

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Dave Grohl says he is still uncomfortable as a frontman

Foo Fighters mastermind, Dave Grohl told Team Rock that since Kur Cobain died in 1994, he’s been uncomfortable being a frontman but couldn’t being behind the drum kit anymore.


Read what he said:

“After Nirvana, I wasn’t really sure what to do. I was asked to join a couple of other bands as the drummer, but I just couldn’t imagine doing that because it would just remind me of being in Nirvana; every time I sat down at a drum set, I would think of that. And other people would think of that as well.

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“I thought, what do I do? Do I even play music any more? I don’t know. Maybe that was it. Maybe it’s time to do something else. Maybe real life starts now. Because at that point I had been touring in bands since I was 18 and I’d seen the world and got to be in this huge band.

“When I was young, someone played me the [1980] ‘Klark Kent’ record that Stewart Copeland had done. I thought how cool that he could make a record and people can listen to it objectively because it wasn’t Stewart Copeland from The Police, it was ‘Klark Kent.’

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“That’s kind of what I wanted to do. There were some songs I’d recorded in my friend’s studio while Nirvana was still a band and an independent label in Detroit wanted to release something.

About the Foo Fighters debut, that features him in all instruments, he said:

“I was really prepared. I had demoed the songs and I knew what the arrangements were. I knew what I was going to do on the drums and I’d figured out all the guitar. That would be the most time I had ever spent in the studio recording stuff of my own.

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“I just thought it was the greatest thing in the world. I never intended for it to be a major releases. I started my own company, Roswell Records, and I called it Foo Fighters because I wanted people to think it was a band. I didn’t want any names on it or pictures.”

“Standing up and singing a song with a guitar with shredding volume did not feel natural. It still doesn’t.

“It’s a different feeling when you’re singing words you’ve written and playing songs you’ve written. It’s so much more personal.”

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