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Controversy song “One In a Million” is not on Guns N’ Roses new box set

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Controversy song “One In a Million” is not on Guns N’ Roses new box set

Appetite For Destruction Locked And Loaded, the Guns N ‘Roses luxury box that will be released in June, apparently will have a deleted music, according to The Pulse Of Radio.


“One In a Million” has racial, homophobic and xenophobic insults.

Guns N ‘Roses guitarist Slash later admitted having conflicting emotions about recording of the song, telling Rolling Stone in 1991:

“I didn’t think it was cool, but Axl was very adamant in expressing himself.” He added, “I don’t regret doing ‘One In A Million’, I just regret what we went through because of it”

See the lyrics below:

“Down to sixth and L.A.

Maybe your greyhound

Could be my way

Police and niggers

That’s right

Get out of my way (…)”

“Immigrants and faggots

They make no sense to me

They come to our country

And think they’ll do as they please

Like start some mini Iran

Or spread some fucking disease”

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