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Back In Time: Motörhead performs “Bomber” on Top Of The Pops

Back In Time: Motörhead performs Bomber on Top Of The Pops

Back In Time

Back In Time: Motörhead performs “Bomber” on Top Of The Pops

Back in 1979, Motörhead promote their recent album, at the time, “Bomber”, performing the title song on the famous show Top Of The Pops, a British music chart television program, made by the BBC and originally broadcast weekly between 1 January 1964 and 30 July 2006.

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Bomber is the third studio album by Motörhead, released on 27 October 1979, on Bronze Records, their second with the label. The album reached #12 on the UK charts at the time.

By 1979, Motörhead had been together for four years and had amassed a loyal following in both punk and heavy metal circles. After recording an album for United Artists that the label shelved, the band released its eponymous debut LP in 1977, but it was with 1979’s Overkill that the band hit their stride.

The title track landed in the UK Top 40 and, after appearing again on Top of the Pops, the band returned to the studio that summer with legendary producer Jimmy Miller to record what would become Bomber.

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