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Australian claims to be Bon Scott’s son

Bon Scott and Son

Classic Rock

Australian claims to be Bon Scott’s son

Dave Stevens of Melbourne claims to be the son of AC / DC legend Bon Scott. He grew up as a foster child in a home in Geelong and at age 18 began looking for his biological parents. When she met her mother, she asked him if he would sing, before saying who he thought was his father.


“I looked for my biological parents and that’s when I discovered that my father was Bon Scott. It was wonderful to discover that he was my father but devastating to know that I would never know him. They were conflicting emotions. All the people who were close to Bon welcomed me. ”

Bon Scott

In September 1974, Bon Scott replaced Dave Evans. The band had recorded only two songs with Evans, “Rockin ‘in the Parlor” and “Can I Sit Next to You Girl”; this second song was re-recorded with Bon Scott, making it the seventh track of the Australian version of the album T.N.T. and the sixth track of the international version of the album High Voltage).

Bon Scott quit ACDC

In January of 1975, was released in Australia the album High Voltage, it took only ten days to be recorded. In a few months, the band’s formation was established, with Bon Scott on vocals, Mark Evans on bass and Phil Rudd on drums.

Later that year they released the single “It’s a Long Way to the Top”, which became the rock anthem for them.  The song was included on their second album, T.N.T., which was released only in Australia and New Zealand. In the album there was another classic song, “High Voltage”.


On February 19, 1980, Bon Scott spent the entire night drinking in London. The next morning Alistair Kinnear (a friend of Scott’s) took him to the hospital in Camberwell. Scott was pronounced dead when he arrived at the hospital.

Pulmonary aspiration of vomiting was the cause of Bon’s death. In the official document of his death he is listed as “alcohol intoxication” and “death by misfortune.”

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Scott’s family buried him in Fremantle Cemetery, Australia, where they emigrated when Bon Scott was still a child.

Inconsistencies in the official document of Scott’s death have been cited in conspiracy theories, which suggest that Scott died of overdose from heroin consumption, or that he was killed inside the car, or that Alistair Kinnear did not exist. Additionally, Scott was asthmatic, and the temperature was below freezing on the morning of his death.

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