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The troubled relationship of Lita Ford and Tony Iommi

Lita Ford Tony Iommi


The troubled relationship of Lita Ford and Tony Iommi

In the middle 1980s, the legendary Runaways guitarist Lita Ford had a brief love affair with Black Sabbath’s riffmaster Tony Iommi. Iommi co-produced the album The Bride Wore Black, an album that was never released. Ford said in a 1989 interview with Kerrang! Magazine that “there is a certain bad relationship between Tony (Iommi) and me”.


In her memoir book “Living Like A Runaway”, she commented that when she opened for Black Sabbath and spent time with him ‘He looked so seductive, self-confident and handsome”. But ‘I would find out later that appearances can be deceiving.’

She continued and made heavy accusations against Iommi, saying he attacked her in at least two occasions when he was battling drug addiction.

Lita Ford revealed about her relationship with Iommi:

“I still think he’s an amazing guitar player; it doesn’t take that away from me,” she continued. “He’s my idol. I still idolize his music; it doesn’t take that away.”

According to her, in the first they they tried to have sex, things didn’t went well because Iommi was “too high” on cocaine.

The physical abuse first happened on a flight to England to meet his mother, when Iommi “out of nowhere… hauled off and punched me in the eye.”

The violence continued later after they became engaged.

“After snorting tons of blow, he got angry and choked me unconscious,” she writes. “When I woke up, I saw him holding a chair above my head. It was a big, heavy leather chair with studs around the arms, and he was about to smash it over my face. I rolled over, and luckily I moved fast enough that he missed me and the chair smashed into the ground.”

They eventually divorced, and she accused Iommi on to hiring her band behind her back.

Lita said she became destructive when she realized the king of person he was “I wanted to hurt myself. And what I did was — and I don’t know if this is considered hurting yourself — I started drinking, because he never allowed me to drink. Although he would do mass quantities of drugs, he would never allow me to have a drink.”

Tony Iommi and Lita Ford jam

About the drugs, Lita Ford said:

They “were there, if I wanted them. [Tony] never really forced them on me.”

But Iommi didn’t want her to drink any alcohol:

“It was very bizarre,” she said. “He just really did not want me… Even on airplanes. When you’re sitting on a plane, you like to have a glass of wine or a Bloody Mary or just something to take the edge off, because you’re 30 thousand feet in the air for five hours, or 10 hours, flying overseas, but I couldn’t. So when we split, we went our separate ways, I went on a drinking binge, just to say, ‘You won’t let me do it.”

I’m gonna go do it now since you’re not around. I’m gonna hurt myself.’ And I ended up getting this tattoo of this dragon on my shoulder. I don’t know. It was a hurt-me kind of thing; I wanted to hurt myself. Because I was devastated when I found out what kind of person he was; I was absolutely devastated. And I think’s shattering to a lot of fans that read the book. They feel the same way I did. But I was in those shoes, and when they read about that, they’re, like, shocked.”

According to her, Iommi blamed the drugs for the violence. About that, Lita Ford:

“Part of it, yeah. I think part of it. And I think it’s something that is in his family, or was in his family. I don’t believe his mother and father are still alive, and I think his father might have contributed to that. And then the drugs on top of it just makes you violent, makes you out of your mind. Especially… Depends on what you take or what you’re doing, but a combination of a certain type of drug will make you violent.”

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