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Steve Lukather talks about the lawsuit by Porcaro’s widow who ended Toto

Steve Lukather

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Steve Lukather talks about the lawsuit by Porcaro’s widow who ended Toto

Toto announced their return with a new line-up that will have only Steve Lukather (Guitar) and Joseph Williams (Vocals) of the previous one. Lukather explained in an interview with Mitch Lafon lawsuit by Jeff Porcaro’s widow who ended the band back in 2019.


Steve Lukather talks about the lawsuit by Porcaro’s widow who ended Toto:

“Bitter widows, bitter widows – already remarried to really wealthy men – just to fuck with me because they don’t like me. Lies were perpetrated by certain members of that family that are not true. I got to be careful what I say, I get sued for farting these days. If they are going to sue me for a fart, I want to make sure that all the fucking paint changes colors, and glass breaks, wallpaper comes off…”

“If you can sue me for shit like that, I better burn the fucking house down with my butthole. But this is some petty-ass bullshit from people who don’t even need the money. It’s just a gigantic ‘Fuck you, Lukather,’ and I’m sick of taking it from those people. I made a lot of money for these people – still making money! I don’t make a grillion dollars off ‘Africa’!”

“The widow – she also controls the license fees and fucks the band over on those just for spite. There’s a lot of evil behind it right under the guise of, ‘Oh, I wasn’t paid…’ They went on a fucking TMZ and said Dave [Paich, vocals/keyboards] and I were criminals. We proved our innocence – there was no retraction. Yet she writes like a 12-year-old mean girl – she’s fucking married to a guy [Rick Goings, the former chairman/CEO of Tupperware Brands] that’s got like almost a billion dollars!”

He continued:

“What do you think I’m gonna do after losing seven figures and a percentage I have to pay every night above the gross to people who don’t need the money, just as a ‘fuck you’ to me? That’s pretty cruel. I never did anything to this person, her obsession with hating on me is legendary. But it turned me into an asshole! It made me crazy! I had to cut them all out of my life! We paid them off, we lost the case.”

“I didn’t want to use the name, but the promoters go, ‘You’re an idiot if you don’t do this, you’re going to make this much difference in money.’ And honest to god – Toto makes zero money, except for past royalties, if we’re not working. And [keyboardist] Steve Porcaro told me I was a liar for this. Well, I’m not a liar.”

“‘How much money did you make off the band without aside from royalties last year?’ Nothing! So, unless I use the fucking name, it’s worthless. It is what it is. He didn’t want to buy in, he thought he should just put his hand out and be given to him for free, even though he’s out of the band for 25 years. And he hates my guts for it. ‘You said you were going to take care of me…’

Steve Lukather also said:

“Well, man, Steve, you said a lot of things to me too and you didn’t come through. Not even emotionally as a friend. And all the people that sued me and fucked me had his last name.”

“It was David Paich too, who started the fucking band. So yeah, I’m a little bitter about that because I have to keep paying her off. That’s another reason to get back together – I still got fucking legal fees and payoffs to these fucking people that I gotta pay-back!”

“I do well, but I don’t wipe my ass with fucking thousand-dollar bills and follow a man who shits in a golden toilet seat like that woman does. I have nothing in common with these people, so from this point on, I wish them all well – god bless you, I’ll pay you when I use it, shut up and leave me alone! They’ve been spending fucking 30 years fucking with me – I’m tired of it man! Fuck them! I don’t care about them, I really don’t!”

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