Robert Plant reveals if Elvis Presley asked for an autograph when they met

Led Zeppelin history is surrounded by myths, but not all of them are true. Singer Robert Plant revealed in an interview with Brazilian magazine Veja if Elvis Presley really asked for an autograph when they met in the 70’s.

Robert Plant revealed if Elvis Presley really asked for an autograph when they met:

Led Zeppelin’s fabulous career is full of myths. One of them is that the day you met Elvis Presley he asked an autograph for his daughter. It is true?

“No, he didn’t ask for an autograph. What happened was that I met his daughter several times. On one occasion, she wanted an autograph on her arm and then got a tattoo. And I thought, “My God!” The ironic thing is that Lisa Marie is now a renowned artist and would look pretty ridiculous if she had a Robert Plant tattoo on her arm. And no, I didn’t do the autograph on her arm.”

You have always given all of your voice at the shows, since the days of Led Zeppelin. Nowadays, it worries about taking it easy?

No. I don’t think I take it easy with my voice. It depends on the project I’m singing. I may be working in a way that I think is best to sing more gently, because that song asks me to do it that way. When you play a song, you need to respond to the nature and mood of that song. Each song has specific requirements.”

“When a song is born, it says, “Do this, do that”. It can make people cry, it can make you cry. I don’t have to be muscular with my voice all the time, just at the right time.”

Is that the secret to keeping your voice healthy?

“I don’t know. In fact, I’ve been very lucky. The secret, I think, is the desire to sing like it’s not a job. I want to do what I do. At my shows, I know what to do. And I always try to change, with different combinations of musicians, projects, and even countries.”

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