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Why John Deacon didn’t talk to Freddie Mercury before his death

John Deacon Freddie Mercury


Why John Deacon didn’t talk to Freddie Mercury before his death

John Deacon was the only Queen member who did not speak to Freddie Mercury during the last days of his life. According to the Express UK, the former bassist was unable to see his friend. Because he did not have enough emotional stability to see him.


Brian May and Roger Taylor have already mentioned in several interviews. That Deacon was the closest one to Mercury. And was the member who was most affected by the singer’s illness and death.

Why John Deacon didn’t talk to Freddie before his death

And, due to the moment of physical and emotional fragility of the Queen’s leader, the musician’s friends and relatives were forbidden to cry or be very emotional around Mercury.

Ex-girlfriend of the rock star, Mary Austin, said that Mercury could not bear to cause suffering in other people because of his condition and, therefore, always avoided receiving visits from friends who were extremely affected by the situation, such as Deacon. That’s why, he didn’t talked to Freddie.

After Mercury’s death on November 24, 1991, the former bassist still performed with May and Taylor for six years. However, in 1997, the musician decided to move away from public life, the band and the remaining Queen members.

Among the artist’s last public statements, Deacon stated that it made no sense to continue with the group’s performances and that it was impossible to replace Mercury’s vocals or performances.

“As far as we know, that’s it. There is no point in continuing. It is impossible to replace Freddie,” said the musician at the time.

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