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Why John Deacon didn’t talk to Freddie Mercury before his death

John Deacon Freddie Mercury


Why John Deacon didn’t talk to Freddie Mercury before his death

Bassist John Deacon is the most reclusive and shy member of Queen and was the only who didn’t speak to the late singer Freddie Mercury during the last days of his life. According to the Express UK, the former bassist didn’t had enough emotional stability to see him at the condition his friend was.


Mercury and Deacon had a strong friendship and the bassist was heavily affected by his death.

In an Questions and Answers live in the band’s official Youtube channel back in 2020, guitarist Brian May said that they also lost bassist John Deacon when Freddie Mercury died. Recently drummer Roger Taylor said that the last time he talked to the recluse Deacon was back in 2004.

Brian May said they also lost John Deacon when Freddie Mercury died:

“There is one song that I sing together with Freddie. I can’t see ever not wanting to do that. Of course, the audience do it all and its all about the audience and sharing that moment. The memories and the fact that were still here… The legacy lives on. I think Freddie would be so happy about that.”

“Obviously we so often wish Freddie was here to share it with us and John too. Because we kind of lost John as well. It’s very hard.”

Bassist John Deacon quit Queen and the music business back in 1997 and ever since remains recluse.

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