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Watch Vinnie Vincent’s complete performance on Kiss Expo 2018

Watch Vinnie Vincent’s complete performance on Kiss Expo 2018

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Watch Vinnie Vincent’s complete performance on Kiss Expo 2018

During Kiss Expo 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia, former guitarist Vinnie Vincent made his first public appearance in more than 20 years.

And besides being interviewed he also made a 20 minutes performance performing some kiss and solo career songs.

Check it out the full concert below:

Interviewed at the event, the musician spoke about his departure from Kiss, the legal fights he had with the band and told how his life is currently.

“I spent 20 years in hell,” he confesses, “and it was my hell no one knew about it. I watched the world go round and I heard everything they said about me, what the band was saying about me, and it was a shame. I mean, I think we could have been a great band, we still can be. The magic never ended. I still love them. ”

Vincent also said that the suit he filed against the band for royalties from the tracks he composed was a necessary evil. “I tried to solve this, I tried it for four years,” he reveals by saying that when he realized that the band was not interested in reaching a consensus where Vincent could benefit, he needed to open the process.

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