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Watch the full documentary “The History Of Iron Maiden”

Watch the full documentary The History Of Iron Maiden

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Watch the full documentary “The History Of Iron Maiden”

Iron Maiden just released on their Youtube channel the entire “The History Of Iron Maiden” documentary.


The History of Iron Maiden was on a DVD video released in 2004. It features parts of The History of Iron Maiden series, with 90-minute documentaries which describes their beginnings in London’s East End in 1975 through to the Piece of Mind album and tour in 1983 and all the rest of their career.

The set also features a large collection of rare videos and concert footage, as well as interviews with former members such as Paul Di’Anno, Clive Burr, Dennis Stratton, Dave Sullivan, Terry Rance, Doug Sampson, Ron Matthews, Terry Wapram and Bob Sawyer. The DVD won a 2004 Metal Edge Readers’ Choice Award for Home Video/DVD of the Year.

Check it out:

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