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Watch Steve Vai jamming with Sepultura’s Andreas Kisser on Jazz Festival

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Watch Steve Vai jamming with Sepultura’s Andreas Kisser on Jazz Festival

The guitarist Steve Vai performed at the Rio Montreux Jazz Festival, the Brazilian edition of the famous Montreux Jazz Festival.


The presentation happened on Vai’s 59 birthday on Thursday (6). To celebrate, the date, the guitarist made a show with the best moments of his career.

Almost half of the repertoire played by Steve Vai had songs from the album “Passion and Warfare” (1990), his most successful work. There were six songs from the album: “For the Love of God”, “The Audience is Listening”, “The Animal”, “Sisters”, “Liberty” and “Answers”.

Highlights of other albums in the repertoire included “Fire Garden Suite IV – Taurus Bulba”, “Racing the World”, “Tender Surrender” and “The Murder” – the last one with the participation of Andreas Kisser, Sepultura guitarist.

Check below, the repertoire of Steve Vai at the River Montreux Jazz Festival and some videos:
  • Racing the Worl
  • Velorum
  • The Animal
  • Band Intros
  • Tender Surrender
  • Answers (com Joe Satriani no telão)
  • Whispering a Prayer
  • The Crying Machine
  • The Audience Is Listening
  • Sisters
  • The Murder (with Andreas Kisser)
  • Liberty
  • For the Love of God
  • Fire Garden Suite IV – Taurus Bulba

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