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Watch rare footage of Motörhead performing “Orgasmatron” on German TV

Lemmy Kilmister with make up


Watch rare footage of Motörhead performing “Orgasmatron” on German TV

Have you ever seen Lemmy on stage without the bass? Well take a look at the first minute of the video below where he sings “Orgasmatron” without the instrument and with a make up that remind us Alice Cooper.


It is a footage of Radio Bremen in 1987 and after 1:23 it is a 2000 & 2015 compilation.

Check it out:

The Orgasmatron album

After leaving Bronze Records on bad terms, Motörhead kept touring without the benefit of a record deal, in spite of being cited as a key influence for the thrash metal subgenre that was becoming extremely popular with heavy metal fans in the mid-1980s. In Overkill: The Untold Story of Motörhead, Joel McIver quotes vocalist/bassist Lemmy Kilmister from that period:

“..Elektra passed. MCA passed. CBS passed. Epic passed. Chrysalis passed. Everyone passed. Hell, I wish we sold as many albums as we do T-shirts. In England, it’s pretty well over for us as far as selling a lot of albums is concerned..”

After their ongoing lawsuit with their old label was settled in their favour, Motörhead and its management set up their own label GWR (Great Western Road) to release their music.

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