Watch Johnny Depp singing “Heroes” with Hollywood Vampires

The supergroup Hollywood Vampires released Rise, the band’s second studio album and Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, Joe Perry, along with drummer Glen Sobel, guitarist Tommy Henriksen and bassist Chris Wyse performed on the US program Jimmy Kimmel Live.

In addition to a repertoire of six original songs, the Vampires also let Depp take on vocals to sing “Heroes,” a David Bowie classic, while Cooper joined Perry on the guitars.

Band whose name was born in Cooper’s nights in the 1970s, alongside people like John Lennon and Keith Moon, Hollywood Vampires was created in 2015.

Although it began by doing covers in tribute to the “old and drunk friends” of rock, the band expanded its repertoire in Rise; “Heroes” is one of the few covers on the album.

Watch the moment below:

Rise Tracklist:

1. “I Want My Now”
2. “Good People Are Hard to Find”
3. “Who’s Laughing Now”
4. “How the Glass Fell”
5. “The Boogieman Surprise”
6. “Welcome to Bushwackers” (feat. Jeff Beck + John Waters)
7. “The Wrong Bandage”
8. “You Can’t Put Your Arms Around a Memory”
9. “Git From Round Me”
10. “Heroes”
11. “A Pitiful Beauty”
12. “New Threat”
13. “Mr. Spider”
14. “We Gotta Rise”
15. “People Who Died”
16. “Congratulations”

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