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Tony Iommi talks about the guitars he used with Black Sabbath

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Tony Iommi talks about the guitars he used with Black Sabbath

The Q Awards event takes place this week and to celebrate the iconic Gibson Les Paul Award, the magazine spoke with the 2015 winner Tony Iommi.


In the interview, the guitarist says he would play with Les Paul if he had not hurt his finger.

Take a look:

“As a kid I started playing with a Fender, but at the beginning of Black Sabbath recordings I picked up Gibson SG and never looked back. I used this one because it has a fuller sound. But I would have played with Les Paul if I had not hurt my finger. With Gibson SG I can do things I can not do with a Les Paul, but I’ve always had a fascination with it. (…) I really tried to use Les Paul because I really like it, but it’s not the right guitar for me. “

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