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The sad story of Eric Carr death

Eric Carr death


The sad story of Eric Carr death

November 24, 1991 was fatal for rock’n’roll. In addition to Freddie Mercury, former Kiss drummer Eric Carr also died – which was eventually forgotten by the media of the time. Born Paul Charles Caravello, the musician died at the age of 41 from heart and lung cancer.


Eric was the drummer who took on the drumsticks left by Peter Criss on Kiss. And Carr did it with extreme competence. Criss was known as the “Catman” because he loves cats and paints himself as one for the shows.

To the band’s fans’ surprise, the cover of the 1982 album Creatures Of The Night brought no cats. Just above Ace Frehley‘s head and next to Gene Simmons is a different persona. The Fox was Carr’s character for a short time, as the band announced the following year on a live MTV show that they would no longer play with make-up.

And so it was until the mid-1990s. His first album with the band was Music For The Elder (1981) – considered one of the worst in the group. And Kiss already came from an album called Unmasked (1980), also pitiful. That is, they got two weak albums and then released Creatures, one of the band’s best albums.

Career before Kiss

But Carr’s career is not restricted to Kiss: Before he started playing with the band, he was part of a cover group. At age 30, he thought of giving up on music until he discovered Criss’s departure. Carr took a demo where he sang and played the song Shandi. Not only did the musician take the tape, he handed the tape in an orange envelope to get attention. And the tape was only heard because the envelope was flashy.

In the 1970s and early 1980s, no one outside Kiss had seen band members without their makeup: Carr was the first. When they went to play together, the drummer said the other members didn’t care about quality, just about the look.

Eric Carr drums

Carr was a self-taught drummer who was unknown to the general public. And that is exactly what made him to be the chosen one. He played guitar, drums, bass and piano, as well as being a composer. Carr was one of those responsible for giving Kiss a harder rock face, which had lost some of its essence with two weak albums.

Carr was one of those responsible for saving Kiss. The catch that was growing was he who gave it: he played the simple in the studio and destroyed it at the shows. During the shows, Carr chose to use the double pedal. He made the band heavier without misreading it.

Eric Carr death cause

In February 1991, Carr started to feel sick. Medical tests indicated easily manageable health problems. But he was soon diagnosed with an unexpectedly serious and extremely rare disease: cancer of the heart. In April 1991, Carr underwent a series of surgeries to remove several tumors in his right atrium and lungs.

In an attempt to restore cardiac function and prevent the growth of cancer. He recovered enough to pressure Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons to let him return to the band. As his replacement Eric Singer (drummer who had worked on a Stanley solo tour) was already recording in the studio. As the two later stated, they continually told Carr that as soon as he was completely healthy he could be the Kiss drummer again.

At that time, the band was about to record the video for “God Gave Rock and Roll To You” and Carr asked Gene and Paul if they could at least be in that video, and the two agreed. He went to Los Angeles in July 1991 to record the video clip and wore a wig because of the hair loss resulting from the treatment. After recording, he returned to New York to continue treatment. His health deteriorated so much that he was unable to play for the recordings of Revenge, Kiss’s next album. So Eric Singer needed to be called in to record. After spending the next few months on aggressive treatment, the cancer went into remission and Carr’s health seemed to be improving.

The last days of Eric Carr

The drummer suffered an aneurysm and needed to be hospitalized. He survived this episode, however, a few days later he suffered severe brain hemorrhage caused by cancer cells that were transported in his bloodstream to the head. And would never regain consciousness after that. A few days later, on November 24, 1991, Carr died at the age of 41.

Eric Carr’s death news report in 1991:

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