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Steve Harris is confident that Iron Maiden will make a new album

Steve Harris and the bass

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Steve Harris is confident that Iron Maiden will make a new album

Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris told Metal Hammer that he is confident that the band will release an album, a follow-up to The Books Of Souls, released three years ago.


Read what he said (Via Metal Hammer):

The rock giants are currently selling out arenas across Europe on The Legacy Of The Beast tour – and asked by Metal Hammer if he sees a future for metal on the big stage, he says: “It’s not easy these days, especially for new bands.

Iron Maiden fans

“It’s harder than ever to make a crust out of this. It’s different for us, because we’ve taken a long, long time to build up to this kind of level, but some bands will never even get to this level, or any level. They don’t get out of the pubs.”

Asked what bands have to do to be promoted out of the pub scene, Harris replies: “People have just got to push the boundaries and try and edge it up.

“I mean, we’ve never had songs that lend themselves to radio play. We’ve worked really hard for where we are.”

Bruce Dickinson Legacy of the beast

It’s been almost three years since Maiden launched their last album The Book Of Souls, and while Harris says it’ll be a while yet before any new material emerges, he’s confident that another album and tour are on the horizon.

He says: “We’ve got this cycle going on. I’m pretty damn sure we will do another album, and then all well and good, we’ll go out on tour to back that up.

“How long that will go on for, I don’t know. We’ve been talking about this kind of thing for the last 20 years, but as time goes on, it becomes more of a reality that one day we may not be able to tour any more.

“But I don’t want to think about that. You’ve got to enjoy the moment.”

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