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Rockstars react to Stan Lee’s death

Rockstars react to Stan Lees death


Rockstars react to Stan Lee’s death

Stan Lee, screenwriter and editor of Marvel Comics, died at the age of 95. Lee’s daughter confirmed his death on Monday (12). He wasn’t feeling well at his home in Los Angeles, USA, and was taken to the hospital where he died. He suffered from pneumonia and eye problems.


Stanley Martin Lieber was born in 1922, in New York, in the United States. He began working on comics under the pseudonym of Stan Lee in 1939, hired by John Goodman, founder of Timely Publications and his wife’s cousin, Joan.

He was one of the most important names in American comics when he created superheroes like Spider-Man, Thor, Hulk, X-Men, Black Panther, Iron Man, Doctor Stranger and Daredevil.

Writer and editor of Marvel, was responsible for transforming the company into the largest comic book publisher in the world from 1961.

Some rockstars reacted to Stan Lee’s death:

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In 1981, Lee turned his heroes into animated cartoons shown by TV stations.

When Marvel Comics and Marvel Productions were acquired by New World Entertainment in 1986, the comic book horizons were further expanded.

Lee had the opportunity to become more deeply involved in the creation and development of films and tv shows. He constantly made appearances in the studio productions.

“My father loved all his fans, he was the best man and the most decent man,” commented the daughter of the editor, Joan Celia Lee.

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