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Phil Anselmo talks about the day he met Dimebag Darrell

Phil Anselmo talks about the day he met Dimebag Darrell


Phil Anselmo talks about the day he met Dimebag Darrell

Phil Anselmo, former Panther frontman, revealed in an interview on the Talk Toomey podcast the story of how he met Dimebag Darrell.

He says that he had never been in a real recording studio since he always recorded in home studios of friends and acquaintances so he was already impressed when he approached the studio where he was going to meet the band.

Pantera the band

“Then we got there and I saw Dimebag behind the sound table and I swear, man, his neck looked like it was 15 cm longer than normal, and his hair … his hair was a cushion! He looked like an untrimmed swab! I’ve always described it that way, an untwisted swab. ”

Anselmo also remembers his first gig with the band, “After the performance, we went to the hotel and we smoked marijuana and I … I started laughing a lot. I could not stop laughing and then Dimebag started laughing a lot too … That was a very good moment and it happened very early in our friendship and it strengthened us – both of us laughing and stoned”

The Pantera broke up in 2003 when Phil Anselmo started having problems with the other members of the band. A year later, Dimebag was murdered during a show.

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