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Part of the crowd fought while Eagles performed “Take It Easy” in London

Images from @rorybarnes_ and David Toby

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Part of the crowd fought while Eagles performed “Take It Easy” in London

Some fans that attented the Eagles concert in London, England at Hyde Park last June 26 created an ironic moment since they begun to fight when the band was performing the classic song “Take It Easy”.


The incident was reported by the Daily Mail and it’s not clear why the fans were fighting at the moment. They had paid at least £399 for Diamond VIP seats, right in front of the stage.

Watch part of the crowd brawling while The Eagles were performing “Take It Easy”:

The band’s current line-up has Don Henley (Drums and vocals), Joe Walsh (Guitar and vocals), Timothy B. Schmit (Bass, vocals) and Vince Gill (Guitar and vocals). Deacon Frey, the son of the late original member of the Glenn Frey, announced a few months ago that he would no longer tour with the group. But he was part of the band’s performance at Hyde Park.

They are one of the best-selling bands of all time with an estimated amount of 200 million records sold worldwide. 100 million of them were sold only in the United States.

Hyde Park, London setlist:

  1. Seven Bridges Road (Steve Young cover)
  2. One of These Nights
  3. New Kid in Town
  4. Witchy Woman
  5. Take It to the Limit (Lead vocal Vince Gill)
  6. Lyin’ Eyes (Lead vocal Vince Gill)
  7. In the City (Joe Walsh song)
  8. I Can’t Tell You Why
  9. Victim of Love
  10. Tequila Sunrise
  11. Best of My Love
  12. Peaceful Easy Feeling (Jack Tempchin cover) (with Deacon Frey)
  13. Take It Easy (with Deacon Frey)
  14. Life’s Been Good (Joe Walsh song)
  15. Those Shoes
  16. The Boys of Summer (Don Henley song) (Dedicated to
  17. Taylor Hawkins)
  18. Funk #49 (James Gang cover)
  19. Heartache Tonight
  20. Life in the Fast Lane
  21. Hotel California
  22. Rocky Mountain Way (Joe Walsh song)
  23. Desperado
  24. Already Gone (Jack Tempchin cover) (with Deacon Frey) (also with John McEnroe on… more )

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