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Ozzy Osbourne really drank his own urine like it’s shown on Motley Crue’s movie?

Ozzy the dirt movie


Ozzy Osbourne really drank his own urine like it’s shown on Motley Crue’s movie?

Released on Netflix last Friday, the Motley Crue biopic The Dirt features young Ozzy Osbourne (played by Tony Cavalero) in a memorable 1984 appearance in which the Prince of Darkness played with the band in Los Angeles.


One day everyone was in the hotel pool, in the interval between shows, and Osbourne gave a motivational speech to the boys about the seriousness of being on a tour and tips on the danger of drugs and unprotected sex.

And then, he pulls out a straw, kneels on the ground, and smells a line of ants. He then urinates on the floor and licks, challenging Crue’s bassist Nikki Sixx (played by Douglas Booth), to do the same.

Watch the scene below:

In real life, Osbourne is no stranger to unpleasant experiences. In 1982, he was famous for putting a bat in his mouth and taking a live bite on stage.

He also bit the head of two doves, not during a show, but during a meeting with CBS Records executives in 1981 because he was drunk and annoyed at one of the label’s advertisers. Smelling ants, in theory, resembles this behavior.

But is this story true? According to The Dirt, Motley Crue’s 2001 autobiography, which the film is based on, the answer is yes.

The film basically reproduces what is written in the book, including the dialogues. The preface is written by Sixx, and he tells about how important Osbourne was in the band’s history.

The Prince of Darkness served as an example to all the follies that the members of the band would do at the height of fame. “We thought we had elevated behavior to a way of making art,” says Sixx in one of the earliest chapters of the book. “But then we met Ozzy,” and he says that this tour was the starting point that put the whole band in intense energy.

But then, what exactly happened when the band and Osbourne were in the pool at a tour stop in Florida? As the book tells, Osbourne asked the members of the Crue for some cocaine. When Sixx said he did not have it, Osbourne ordered a straw. In the book, Sixx says:

“I handed him the straw and he walked to a crack in the sidewalk and leaned over. I saw a long line of ants, marching to a small anthill. And I thought, “No, he would not do that,” and he did. Ozzy put the straw in his nose and sent the whole line of ants tickling his nose.

Sixx follows the narrative: “Ozzy then raised his dress and pissed on the sidewalk. Not even caring who was watching – everyone on the tour was watching him, while the elderly women and the families on the pool deck pretended not to they saw him do it.

Ozzy knelt down and licked the ground. He not only touched his tongue, he made half a dozen long, full motions, like a cat. Then he stood up, his eyes glittering and his mouth wet with urine, he looked directly at me and said, ‘Do it, Sixx!’

In some interviews, Osbourne claimed he does not remember this specific event: “I have absolutely no memory of doing that,” he said.

In the end, it’s Osbourne’s word against Sixx. To this day the band claims that this really happened. Page Six recently asked Sixx if the story was true, and he happily reconfirmed, “Sure. We were a young, wild band and Ozzy kinda put us under his wing. We thought we could compete with that, but you can not compete with Ozzy. He won.”

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